How to Holiday in Perth – 5 Simple Steps

First time to Perth? Here’s a step by step guide to your maiden holiday here.

How to holiday in Perth–a basic guide

If you’re flying in, this is generally what you must do.

Step 1: Decide your arrival and departure dates

Flights may be cheaper on certain days of the week or certain off-peak periods. Check individual airlines for details.

Try to arrive in the morning instead of the evening so you can get more done. If you’re like me, a flight to Perth takes 6 hours. We usually take off around midnight and land around 6 am so that we don’t waste an entire day away on the plane.

Step 2: Plan to stay in Perth city for at least one night after arrival

Otherwise, you’ll have to withstand another hour in a cab to reach a further place. We once made the mistake of booking accommodation in Mandurah for day 1 onwards. And we were landing in the early morning. Imagine going to your accommodation tired after a long plane and taxi ride–only to find that you have to be stuck with your luggage because reception hasn’t opened!

If reception has opened, they may allow you to put your luggage at reception before check-in time. Email your accomodation–they might be kind enough to do so.

Step 3: Decide if you’re going to rent a car, use public transport, or use land tours

If you rent a car, you’ll need to think about the route you’re driving. Preferably have two people driving so that one can take a rest while the other drives. If you have a child, you need to have a car seat.

If you use public transport, familiarize yourself with bus and train routes.

If you’re following land tours, know that not all land tours are entirely satisfactory. As with all tours sometimes you get some things you want and some you could do without.

Step 4: Pick out a few places around Perth to visit

We’ve had fun in Mandurah, Fremantle, Rockingham, Cottlesloe, and Besselton. The train route is a good guide to where you can go. Google the stops. Do lots of research.

Step 5: End with at least one night in Perth city

This is to make sure you don’t have to take too long to get to the airport on departure day.